Sébastien MARTIN

Sébastien MARTIN

  • CEO & Co-Founder de RAID Square

I have a European background as I grew up in Germany for 10 years and in Poland for 3 years.

I have a background in french & german business law. I studied at the Université of Paris Nanterre & University of Potsdam. I graduated with a Master 2.

After various internships in law firms (BMH Avocats & Clifford Chance Germany) and start-ups (LegalTech ROBIN & FinTech Equisafe), I worked as a consultant for STORM Partners (as Investor Relations Manager & Compliance specialist) and Governances (as Partner dedicated to AML-CTF topics applied to Web 3).

These various experiences enabled me to develop the following skills :
- Manage KYC & KYB procedures for crypto projects ;
- Coordination of legal implications for crypto projects ;
-Wallet screening ;
- Advice on Compliance topics for financial agreements (PSAN, CIP) ;
- Manage the creation of Bank Accounts ;
- Manage SRO/OAR Affiliations ;
- Create a Network of Investors specialised in the crypto economy ;
- Act as MLRO for Token Sales ;
- Manage onboarding of Investors in the context of token sales ;
- Due Diligence of crypto projects ;

In addition to these skills, I am committed to a strong franco-german partnership to tackle the biggest European issues as Founder & Chairman of the franco-german Do tank, Eurosens (former VFAJ/DFSJ).

If one of these skills would help your project, feel free to reach out. Happy to share ideas!

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