• CEO Valuechain consulting

More than 15 years of experience worldwide (EU, US, Australia, & Asia). Leader of several innovative offerings (blockchain, monétique, payments, cybersecurity, and GDPR). More than 32 completed client projects , key speaker in more than 15 conferences and more than 12 publications. Full coverage of payments value chain, (cards, schemes, clearing, acceptance, Instant Payments, DSP2, PCI DSS, all major payment terminals constructors and Payment Service Providers). Several successful end to end Blockchain projects in many industries : awareness, use case design thinking, adoption roadmap, full solution engineering and integration of Fintech Blockchain solutions.

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Jour 2 : vendredi 22 septembre septembre 22, 2023
11:15 - 12:20

Table Ronde Incontournable : Financement dans le Web3 - Décryptage avec les Pionniers du Domaine

Jour 1 : jeudi 21 septembre septembre 21, 2023